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Hardy Hydrovac

a division of JRock Contracting Ltd

Serving Northern Vancouver Island And Surrounding Areas!

About Us

Hardy Hydrovac is a division of JRock Contracting LTD, which is owned and operated by long term North Island local, resident who has nearly 20 years of experience working with underground utilities. 

What Is Hydrovac?

Hydrovac is the process of excavating and evacuating dirt, dust, and debris safely and non-invasively. This is done with high-pressure water and industrial strength vacuums that are attached to the hydrovac truck.

Hydrovac has very safe, non-invasive cleaning methods, making it a fantastic choice when needing to do any of the following..

Benefits Of Hydrovac


The operator uses a small flexible wand that allows them to easily maneuver around tight quarters with minimal disruptions to the environment.

Less Risk Of Injury

The Hydrovac reveals wires and pipes by using its high water pressure to soften and vacuum up the soil, rather then using a backhoe or other sharp metal equipment.

What is Flushing
and Why is it Needed?

Flushing is the use of high pressure water sent through a hose to a nozzle that directs the water backwards, drawing the hose and nozzle up the pipe. This is also referred to as “jetting”. This technique is more conservative of water when removing pipe blockages than other mechanical means which can damage pipes and fittings. The water is sprayed all around the inside of the pipe, dislodging materials, and with its forward jets, blockages can be penetrated then the jets pull the debris back down the pipe on the return trip to the entry point.

Hydrovac Truck working

Catch Basins

Catch basins are used everywhere to separate sediment from run off water in places like parking lots and roads. The sediment settles to the bottom preventing it from entering the storm drain and causing blockages and buildup. This makes it much more difficult to remove and manage. Catch basins eventually fill up with sediment causing them to get clogged, resulting in the need of regular cleaning to prevent damage and flooding. The location and amount of debris will dictate how frequently a catch basin should be cleaned out.

Pipe Camera Inspections and Utility Locating

Using a pipe camera is a great way to either inspect the condition of your underground pipe work or, to view and locate a problem. Our camera system is traceable and able to locate the locations of pipes, intersections, and deficiencies. With utility locating, finding hydro, water, and other utilities makes excavation much safer and more efficient when trying to locate known objects sub surface.